Airstream Manual

Heater (Winter): We have a freestanding space heater in the bedroom. The heater comes with a remote, it can oscillate, be set for different temperatures, and put on a timer as well. Feel free to move it to any part of the airstream during your stay, just keep it 2 feet away from other objects for safety and move it back and turned off before checkout. *Note: Do not use the control panel for heating as it will use up all your propane.

A/C (Summer): The AC is located on the ceiling in the middle of the RV. There are two dials, one for fan, cool or cold setting. Another dial is for the intensity of the previous dial. You can leave this dial on the colder setting and adjust the first dial to the desired temperature. The fan setting uses only the fan and no cooling from the AC. The cool setting is a low cooling setting, and in between cool and fan is the cold setting.

Hot Water: Unlike other RV’s you do not need to push any water heater buttons. This airstream has an electric tankless water heater, so you’ll have hot water whenever you need it.

Bathroom: Bath towels can be found in the cabinet to the right of the shower. Toilet paper is located under in the lower bathroom cabinets. Please use 1-ply or RV friendly toilet paper.

Kitchen: Fully stocked with dishes, pots/pans, utensils, refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc. All available for guest use. You may use the refrigerator to store any food or drink, just empty your items before checkout. Also, please wash any dishes that you use and leave them in the sink.

TV: The front TV has free access to Disney+ for you to enjoy. Select “Flying Cloud” to login. The back bedroom TV has broadcast channels available.

Pool: The pool is only available during the summer months, as it is not heated.

Backyard: You’re welcome to enjoy the backyard amenities of our side yard, including the patio dining sets. If you move any furniture, please return them to their found position before checkout. Don’t forget to take a selfie with the Fresno garden backdrop!

Parking: There is free street parking on Arthur Ave. It is recommended that you remove/hide all valuables from your car to prevent theft.

Trash: We’d greatly appreciate you emptying your trash into the large gray can before checkout. Note: Weekly trash pick-up is on Friday mornings, so we pull the cans out to the street on Thursdays.

We’re available should you have any questions or need anything :)