Guest Suite Cleaning Checklist

 Guest Suite Cleaning Checklist 2022


-Get supplies from shed


-Find all cleaning supplies under the sink. Use paper towels to clean surfaces (do NOT use bath or hand towels)

-Clean and sanitize toilets.

-Empty bathroom trash and put in new small/medium size trash bag

-Make sure bathroom is stocked with 2-3 toilet paper rolls

-Make sure there are no hairs or visible debris in shower/drain (please check corners for Cobb Webs)

-Put clean towels on rack by shower (4 bath towels, 4 wash clothes, 1 hand towels; all are different sized towels)


-Minimum 4 coffee pods

-Wash the dishes.

-Clean all counter tops, sink, dining table, and chairs 

-Stock fridge with 4 waters

-Clean appliances (microwave, stove, coffee pot, fridge) 

-Hang clean hand towel by sink


-Put clean sheets on king bed and king duvet, & 4 pillow cases

-Put clean twin size sheets and twin duvets folded in closet (2 sets as needed)

-Put all dirty linens in basket and leave in shed

-Vacuum and mop all floors (swiffer wet mop pads will be under the sink with all the other cleaning products)

-Spray accent pillows (brown and leaf print) with febreeze fabric spray

Living room

-Vacuum all rugs, if they are extra wet or dirty, you can put them in the dirty hamper for me to wash but ONLY if unable to be cleaned via vacuum

-Put futon back into couch position -Disinfect remotes (lysol spray) -Clean tv stand, side tables, and desk 

-Clean all mirrors

-Put all cleaning products back under the sink cabinet -Take out the trash and re-line can

-Sign and date the cleaning checklist in the manual/binder (marker is in back pocket of binder)